Write drunk. Edit sober.

I’m on a bit of a Hemingway trip at the minute. The headline for this blog post is one of my favourite pieces of writing advice from Mr H. My interpretation of it is both literal and metaphorical as Ernie is urging us to cast aside our inhibitions when we write a first draft and just go for it. Pour everything into what we want to say, mistakes and all.

Don’t worry about the spelling. Don’t give a shit about the structure of the argument. Just write from the heart, drunk or not. Let your imagination run riot and don’t worry about what people will think of you when they read your words. After all, being a boring little church mouse never got anyone noticed, read or heard, did it? And then, after an hour’s reflection or a night’s recovery, come back to it and edit out all the drivel, whilst not losing the heart-felt meaning and emotion.


Jaime Steele

Jaime specialises in brand strategy, creative concepts, naming strategies, digital media marketing and technical project management. He has a strong background in delivering and managing social media and digital marketing campaigns for both small start-ups and blue chip companies.

He has also worked with many top professional athletes, advising on personal branding, sponsorship and social media.