Why you should give up on Social Media

Yes you read it right, you should give up. If you are not prepared to dedicate some proper time and resource to it that is.

One of my previous blog posts about my top 20 most used apps in 2010 promoted a response of how to manage and make time for it all so here’s my answer.

1. If you aren’t prepared to invest a little bit of time in it it will be an exercise in futility. Social Media isn’t a quick fix for marketing and you really will not get anything out of it unless you invest a little time. It’s not a 9-5 job.

The people that have success with social media marketing are dedicated to it. If you follow any of the top practitioners like Chris Brogan, Guy Kawasaki or any of the popular celebrities such as Ashton Kutcher you will see that they are on it all the time, constantly engaging with people and sharing new and relevant content. They live their lives through it. It’s their jobs. But you will be pleased to know that there is a happy medium. There are tools such as Hootsuite that help you manage your time and resource and there is no substitute for a planning. I always remember reading in my youth (yeah I’m 34 now) in Andy McNab’s first book Bravo Two Zero ‘PPPPPPP’ – Piss Poor Planning leads to Piss Poor Performance.

2. If you don’t invest a little bit in technology then it’s much harder to do. You need to be mobile so if you don’t have a smartphone (iPhone, Android etc.) then you can’t possibly keep on top of it. A tablet like iPad for quick browsing, checking and responding is a great idea when sitting in front of the TV or on the hop.

3. If you aren’t prepared to get up a bit earlier to write a blog or read some articles then it’s not for you.

4. If you don’t use the right tools then you could be wasting a lot of time and energy. Syndicate the websites you read and read them in a feed reader like Google reader. It will save you a lot of time. Schedule some tweets. Post to multiple places with one click if you really don’t have time. I’m not a big fan of the last two but sometimes needs must.

5. If you aren’t following the right people then you will be missing tricks – find out who the thought leaders are and watch what they do.

6. If you aren’t following the right blogs then you will be missing news – on Thursday i will be posting my top 10 blogs so watch out for that.

7. If you don’t have a plan or strategy then you are sunk. You need to set measurable goals and a plan on how to achieve them. Here’s a good starter from Jay Bear at Convince and Convert – download here

8. If you are new to Social Media make sure your website is right first. That is the starting point. Spend your time tweaking it, optimising it and making it work hard for you before you start sending traffic to it. If you don’t have a site get one. If you can’t afford a lot get a Tumblr, WordPress, Posterous or Blogger account. (we will cover these next week)

9. Sit down now and write a list of things of 20 you could blog about. Put yourself in your target audience’s shoes and think what they would like to read.

10. Schedule time each week to write and read. Start off on one blog post a week and try to work it up. Mike will be giving you a guide to blogging soon. It’s great.

In summary, set aside some time every day, invest a little in technology, have a plan and most of all be patient. It’s takes years to build up real life relationships and social media is no different.


Jaime Steele

Jaime specialises in brand strategy, creative concepts, naming strategies, digital media marketing and technical project management. He has a strong background in delivering and managing social media and digital marketing campaigns for both small start-ups and blue chip companies.

He has also worked with many top professional athletes, advising on personal branding, sponsorship and social media.