We Love Lists and books.

We all make them. Written, verbal, to-do, groceries, holiday destinations, books and ideas we could go on and on because we use them every day.

Lists are a great tool, if they are getting shorter. If they are getting longer and longer or not getting done at all, then perhaps you need to work on lists.

Personally I love lists. I start and end my work day with a list. Every day I come in and I make my list. Everything I need to get done, meetings I need to go to, and the extra things I want to get started on. It is one of the most satisfying feelings to pull out the red pen and cross an item of the list. The sense of accomplishment and knowledge that you are getting through it all (the slightly OCD nature of enjoying a neat and orderly notebook full of completed lists). It is almost like a piece of art, well maybe it would be in the Tate Gallery.

Advertising is full of lists. Some are short. Or these can be exceptionally long, specifically detailed lists that need to be completed point by point. Sometimes we give them different names, contact reports, WIP documents, social content plans, media plans, there are many. They help us accomplish campaigns, they give us structures to adhere too, but can be manipulated when we need to react quickly. Timings or a record of what is whose responsibility, they are essential to daily rhythms.

I have a few specific lists on the go at the minute. Some you will not be interested in, like my grocery list. Others might grab your attention a bit more. My list for brands and advertisers to watch for in Superbowl 2016, (we will blog on this later in the month). The Superbowl is one of the biggest platforms in the world for brands to compete for the attention of millions. Every year the standard and quality increases as more and more people tune in and prices get higher. Purchasing an ad is in itself a sporting event. Last year’s ‘Interception’ campaign by Volvo and Grey New York was a brilliant piece of work that engaged people across physical, social and digital platforms. It is a good case study to read.

At Pale Blue Dot we love to read. It provides inspiration and provokes new ideas. Each year after Christmas I make a book list, to read over the coming year. Books that I have had recommended to me. Books to inspire, change, evoke response. Continually adding to it once I have finished one. Reading allows us to continually train our mind, testing it, pushing the boundaries of our creative muscles. Taking in thoughts and ideas and testing them against our own beliefs. The result is creative rigour. We then take these new concepts and ways or thinking and add them to our arsenals. These are a few of the books I am looking forward to exploring. Expanding what I know, allowing myself to be exposed to other’s experiences.


Books for 2016:

  1. ‘One plus one equals Three’ by David Trott.
  2. ‘Do/Breathe/ Calm your mind. Find Focus. Get stuff done’ by Michael Townsend Williams.
  3. ‘The Art of Creative thinking’ by Rod Judkins.
  4. ‘Hegarty on Creativity- There are No Rules’ by John Hegarty.
  5. ‘Do/Story/ How to tell your story so the world listen.’ By Bobette Buster.


What books are on your list this year?


Jonny Agnew

Jonny is an Account Executive, brand planner, content creator and insight researcher.

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