The secret power of a good haircut


We all have it. Some of us have lots. Some of us, well best not to mention it.

When I think of hair, I think of some iconic styles that have shaped and defined our times. The Mohawk, the afro, buzz cut, mullet, dreadlocks, pig tails, and don’t even start me on the beard variations.

Every generation has that one defining haircut that you just had to have. It was a statement. It said something about you. Instantly people sat up and took notice. Today we have such classics as the man bun or the short back and sides (also known as the ‘Hipster’ cut).

OK I know what you’re thinking. Design and hair, that’s tenuous at best. Stay with me though, it will all make sense shortly.

First though we need to address the minor matter of the sudden global warming that seems to have hit Belfast this week. A week of constant sun and balmy temperatures of 15 degrees Celsius and above has seen a large congregation of the working population sprawling on the lawns of Belfast City Hall every lunch. If you were an incredibly jet lagged tourist wearing noise cancelling headphones you could even be fooled into thinking, we were in an American City. This recent spell of good weather got me thinking about my upcoming trip to Toronto. Which of course naturally led my thoughts to Major League Baseball.

OK so now we have hair, baseball and design? Are you with me yet?

If not, don’t worry because I am going to explain everything. Early this week while trying to learn the names of new players I saw some of the new 30 second spots from ‘This is Baseball’, the latest campaign for the Major League Baseball account. These spots show the personality behind the sport, delving deeper into the moments that make baseball what it is. Showing why it is such a loved sport regardless of the country you are from.

My favourite spot so far features Byrce Harper of the Washington Nationals and the Little Nats. Harper is famous for his hair and his quote, “Gotta look good, feel good, smell good, play good.” In the ad Harper gives each of the Little Nats a personalised ‘Harper’ haircut, even telling one, “You’ll hit a lot of homers with this hair.”


(Video by Major League Baseball)

Emotive, fun and snappy this spot hits the mark. Not only does it represent the connection between players and fans, shows the love of game but it also demonstrates the power of individuality.

That’s what I love. That’s advertising. It’s this individuality, this raw addictive pull that a confident brand has.

It is something that we all have in us. We were born with it, and we just need to find that way to unlock it. Channel it.

Individuality is not something you can purchase for a fee. In this case it isn’t the ‘Harper’ haircut that changes the Little Nats. It’s the belief and attitude change that they have as a direct result.

That confidence, and belief that we all are capable of greatness. We can change our own fortunes. All we need is to find that confidence inside and let it loose.

Which makes the humble haircut look not quite so humble any more.


Jonny Agnew

Jonny is an Account Executive, brand planner, content creator and insight researcher.

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