Spotlight Friday- Sherryvallies

This Friday we are talking about Monday. On Monday we watched Sherryvallies first documentary with Manifesto Films.

After a productive Monday in the office I headed round to one of my new favourite Belfast locations for a coffee and a catch up with a friend. As with all good catch ups we chatted about everything; life, work, holidays, books, music and ‘On Going Home’. It was a pretty perfect evening.

Last Monday at Townsquare Belfast we gathered in a warm and welcoming coffee shop, drank some excellent beer from Boundary Brewing and sat back to watch the story of a young man going from one home to another. ‘On Going Home’ is the latest film by Manifesto Films (Director Phil Harrison and assistant Ben Behzadafshar). It follows the story of Fabian Beickhorasani who born in Belfast to an Iranian father, is going to Iran for the first time. Over the course of half an hour the team document and explore this journey. Of what it means to come home, from one world into another. It explores the concept of how our individual journeys shape us and the reality that home is not just a physical place.

It was a half an hour of utter silence. As every single person in the room journeyed with Fabian, as he experienced a place that felt like home for the first time. Captivating. Emotional.

What it means to go or come home is an interesting concept.

I left the showing questioning what this notion of ‘home’ was. Where was ‘home’ for me. I have since spent the week pondering this seemingly simple question and found myself discovering so much more of what is ‘home’ for me.

I don’t think there is much else for me to say other than this documentary is a much watch. So please watch the trailer below-

(Trailer owned by Manifesto Films, Photo owned by Sherryvallies)

You can catch Sherryvallies and Manifesto Films latest project ‘On Going Home’ from the comfort of your home, as it is now available to watch on BBC.

We were so excited to see this journey come to life and we cannot wait to see what Fabian, Nathan and the Sherryvallies team do next with their cafe racers.


Jonny Agnew

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