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Northern Ireland as a country has a population of 1.8 million people. It measures 14,129.72 km2.

Lake Ontario in Canada has a drainage basin that measurs 64,030 km2. Which means it can fit Northern Ireland inside it 4.5 times over.

So we are pretty small.  However small is good. Small is agile, desirable and flexible. We like that. Despite being small our country has had some pretty significant achievements. The talent in this country has the ability to create ripples across the world.

As a creative agency based in Belfast we are proud of our little city. We believe Belfast is a pretty important stop on the global map of creativity. If you want to meet the tinkers, creators, designers and the makers and mavericks of the world, then Northern Ireland is the spot for you.

Creative culture is a big part of Pale Blue Dot, we love to curate a culture of like-minded individuals here at the agency. We are passionate about design and advertising and solving problems for clients using our creativity to further their business. We also have other passions, we have a DJ, a bass player, a self-coffee aficionado and dog lovers. (We recently introduced you to our friends JP and Monte). So we thought we would introduce you to more people who are like us. They are dreamers, creators, adventurers, tinkerers, entrepreneurs these are the mavericks. We love their attitude. Push boundaries, change perception and opinion. This is what we do every day and we love that they do too. So I am excited to introduce you to our new segment in Pale Blue Dot- Spotlight Friday. Each week we will aim to spotlight a brand or individual operating with this mind set. To kick things off we are starting locally. East Belfast to be specific.

Father’s Father is a locally made fine leather goods company owned and operated by Jason Karayianis. The collection is a small curate of lives essentials. These are your everyday carries. Each tote, clutch, belt and wallet is made in Jason’s workshop in Belfast. Cut, burnished and then stitched by hand. There are not many brands that can say they put that much craft and skill into every single piece they produce. Each piece from the Father’s Father collection is truly unique and beautiful. I myself have been wearing a Father’s Father belt for the past year and a half now daily. It has transformed from a vegetable tanned English bridle leather into a rich and dusky honey colour. I have had coffee with Jason a few times to discuss the brand and I visited the workshop in the summer to discuss custom products with Jason. Witnessing the creation of one of his products from the beginning of the process was eye opening. These are heritage products that are modern, refined and effortless.


“We want our name, our brand and our items to be timeless. We want our products to tell a story of the way things used to be.”

Jason Karayianis, Father’s Father.

The idea for Father’s Father came from Jason’s memories of his family who for 4 or 5 generations has worked in the leather trade. Products made the old way, that honour those skills and bring them forward to a new generation who appreciate the skill and effort that goes into each piece. When you buy a Father’s Father leather good, you are getting a blank canvas. It goes with you, it is a part of your journey, your story. That is what this brand is about. It is about facilitating storytelling.

Jason is truly carving out his own niche and is a maker and maverick to watch in 2016. You can visit Father’s Father by clicking here to see the goods and hear a little more.


(All photos property of Jason Karayianis)



Jonny Agnew

Jonny is an Account Executive, brand planner, content creator and insight researcher.

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