Spotlight Friday- Established Coffee

In all industries there are tools that help us to get the job done. You create a ‘toolbox’ that you dip into and out of as the job requires.  We love our tools at Pale Blue Dot. So our agency toolbox is pretty big; indesign, illustrator, photoshop, moz, magento, wordpress, google adwords and analytics the humble pencil and that’s just the top layer. Though out of all of these are important tools in the work toolbox it is arguable that the greatest tool in any toolbox is the cup of coffee, (yes you did read ‘the cup of coffee’).

Let me tell you why, here is an example of a possible working day. Wake up, make the coffee. Drive to work grab another coffee from the café before you go into the office. Stomach grumbles, check clock, it’s 1 o’clock, ok maybe grab another at lunch. No wait you have an evening meeting at the café better get chamomile tea. 5 pm, time for that pitch meeting, down to the café again get an espresso.

You see coffee is the ultimate tool, it provides space and facilitates conversation. Those are the greatest tools you can have in any industry. Space is the freedom to develop your ideas, it is neutral territory to meet and discuss preparations and plans. It creates conversation, ‘Can I grab you a coffee?’, ‘How does a coffee on Tuesday suit to discuss?’, ‘Look let’s grab a coffee and see what we can do’. Conversations lead to ideas and ideas lead to change. What I love most about coffee is that it facilitates, business opportunities, chance meetings, and gives you the all-important caffeine boost when needed. Fundamentally it is about providing a connection point, the stepping stone to the next stage.

This Spotlight Friday I thought I would bring you one of my favourite coffee spots. It has been a home away from home for me for the last few years since it opened. Established Coffee situated on Hill Street in the Cathedral Quarter is one of the city’s best eateries. Clean design aesthetic meets a menu with depth and complexity. Established Coffee were the forerunners of the growing speciality coffee scene in Northern Ireland. Carving out space in the market and answering Belfast’s call for great coffee and a space that inspires and breeds creativity. Established Coffee have a clear understanding of the creative industries, the market place and their attention to detail is spot on. Everything instore has been specifically thought of from the concrete floor that is easily cleaned and timeless in its design to the exposed lighting, the cycle dock outside for commuters. Each detail has purpose and blends together to create an atmosphere constructive to creative thought.

Innovators from the beginning. Established Coffee have opened their space up for a number of interesting events; Ted X, Culture Night, Belfast Design Week, Boundary Beer x Mike’s Cheese Collaborative Dinner and Tamper Tantrum. Bringing us coffee from Dublin’s 3FE and Guest Coffees from Heart Roasters, Cat & Cloud Roasters, Workshop Coffee , Square Mile, Chocolate from Mast Brothers and guest chef appearances from Kevin Powell aka News of the Curd they keep us on our toes. Offering us a space to bring our own vision to life, engage with like-minded individuals and experience new things.

Aside from creating a great creative outlet for meeting people, designing concepts for brilliantly engaging ad campaigns and devouring Dan of Man Made’s insanely moreish Guinness and chocolate loaf. Established Coffee are brilliant socially. Integrating their personality and ‘Cereal Magazine’ coolness into everyone’s much loved social platforms. Utilising Facebook, Twitter and Instagram seamlessly they generate conversation through news, culinary inspiration and grab our attention with Instagram shots that change our lunch plans to walking across the for a delicious pot of mixed vegetables and pinto bean stew.

Every week Established Coffee continue to create unique events and provide an experience that is that little bit special. So if you want to see a company excelling socially and have something tasty while you are at it, then head to Hill Street.

If you are wanting to spot me this weekend and any other weekend you are likely to find me occupying a bar seat with a filter coffee and plate of food.


Jonny Agnew

Jonny is an Account Executive, brand planner, content creator and insight researcher.

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