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Another week, another Friday. It has been a busy week in the Pale Blue Dot Office. Animations, new projects, live dates, illustrations we have seen it all this week. So we feel we have earned the right to kick back and relax at least for tonight. Ulster play the Glasgow Warriors and I intend to brave the cold to hopefully see a victory for the men in red. First things first- dinner. I can’t stand at Kingspan Stadium on an empty stomach. Now there are many fine establishments in the city of Belfast, so where could we possibly be headed?The only prerequisites are that it has to have great food and great beer.

This Friday we want to introduce you to Brewbot Belfast. Located at 451 Ormeau Road it is a visually and architecturally stunning bar. With craft beer as far as the eye can see, mouth-watering sharing platters (my name is on one of those for tonight) and tables made from an old basketball floor. It is the creatives dream. If all of that wasn’t enough, you can pick from a vast selection of classic board games like connect four and cards against humanity to amplify your Brewbot experience.

Now while the bar itself is great. What we really want to talk about is the Brewbot behind the Brewbot. A mix between hardware and software, the Brewbot could well be your new favourite appliance. Blending innovative digital technology and our favourite beverage. Brewbot have conceived a great product. Brewing made simple using WiFi, a smartphone, the Brewbot app and the device and you are ready to create excellent beer simply by touching a button.

The concept was brought to life back in 2013 by its creators along with the help of 381 Kickstarter backers. Following their success, they have been working away developing the technology here in Belfast and in San Francisco. Changing the way beer is made. A beautiful creation that would be the greatest centrepiece in any beer loving advertising creatives home, we were excited to see that they have shipped their first units this week.

At Pale Blue Dot we are fanatical about digital. There is so much potential waiting to be tapped into digitally, both in physical products and in creating beautiful disruptive advertising campaigns. We get even more excited when we see people in our home city creating waves in the digital sphere on a global level. Congratulations Brewbot and I will be seeing you later.


(Video owned by Brewbot)



Jonny Agnew

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