NPE Media

Brief: Animate road map for Channel4 coverage of Armoy Race for NPE Media.

Freedom Acts

Brief: AC What we did: AC

Alliance Party

Brief: Encourage reappraisal of the party by voting public What we did: Brand strategy, visual identity refresh, brand messaging, animation; electoral campaign literature design, copywriting, scriptwriting

Jumping Jack

Brief: Launch new portable battery pack business What we did: Brand strategy, naming, visual identity, packaging design, website design & build, e-commerce integration, online advertising, tv advertising, copywriting, scriptwriting

Virgin Media Business

Brief: Create a motion graphics piece based on the idea of simplicity for Virgin Media Business What we did: Copywriting, Motion Graphics, Sound Design


Brief: Create a distinctively local opening sequence for the event What we did: Live action, time-lapse film


Brief: Rebrand the private equity fund administration organization What we did: Brand strategy, visual identity, website design & build, film, copywriting, scriptwriting, direct mail


  Brief: Refresh brand What we did: Brand strategy, messaging, advertising, direct marketing, graphic design, website design and build, copywriting.