Politics Plus

Brief: Launch public figure training organisation What we did: Brand strategy, visual identity, promotional literature, copywriting

Tidy NI

Brief: Write three educational books on the topic of litter What we did: Creative concepts, copywriting

Simpsons of Canterbury

Brief: Launch a new English vineyard What we did: Naming, brand strategy, visual and verbal identity, website design & build

William Clark

Brief: Reinvigorate the image of this 350-year old business What we did: Brand strategy, visual identity, website design & build, e-commerce integration, copywriting and photography

Hilden Brewery

Brief: Refresh online presence What we did: Website design & build, copywriting

Domaine St. Rose

Brief: Create unique brand position for Languedoc wine producer What we did: Brand strategy, website design & build, copywriting, digital marketing

Alliance Party

Brief: Encourage reappraisal of the party by voting public What we did: Brand strategy, visual identity refresh, brand messaging, animation; electoral campaign literature design, copywriting, scriptwriting

Museum of Here and Now

Brief: Launch museum exhibition What we did: Visual identity, information graphic design, copywriting


Brief: Launch a new range of men’s skincare What we did: Brand strategy, brand naming, messaging, packaging design, graphic design, website design and build, copywriting