Ken and Barbie are social animals

I never thought I’d be writing a blog post about Barbie but here we are. Being the only boy in a family with three sisters I grew up with Action Man, not Ken and would be happy if I never saw a Barbie again. But for the last couple of days the internet, especially Twitter have been awash with talk of Barbie and Ken. Why? Because Mattel, the toy manufacturer have launched a clever little campaign to create buzz around the launch of a new’ Sweet Talking Ken Doll’. It’s really clever and revolves around a website where people can vote if Barbie should take Ken back.

The site gives users the simple option of voting ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to Barbie taking Ken back and most importantly contains links off to Barbie and Ken’s Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare pages. Ken already has an impressive 7,071 Twitter followers but Barbie is wiping the floor with him with her 33,102.

The tweets contain a mixture of marketing messages, prompts for people ot vote and tongue-in-cheek humour such as this


His Foursquare is similar (I still can’t believe I’m writing about a fictional girl’s doll).


His Facebook page has over 34,000 likes (One of them is me – I can’t believe I clicked that button) and showcases a Hulu video about a new show called ‘Geniune Ken’ a typical get this guy a girlfriend type of show. Because this show is in Hulu no one outside USA can view it. Well you can if you are clever about it but don’t worry you aren’t missing anything. If you are worried check it out on YouTube.

There’s even a YouTube video where Ken uses to see if he and Barbie are compatible. This I did actually find quite funny!

So there we go. There’s 30 minutes of my life I’ll never get back. Just off to dig out my Action Man.


Jaime Steele

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