GoReport site showcases Revolutionary Software.

Over the past weeks we have been working alongside GoReport on a complete re-design and re-brand of their website and communications. Working closely our team was able to identify the brands core beliefs and values. Moving to create a platform that we feel strongly represents their innovative and market leading software. A responsive design allows this website to display seamlessly across all devices just like the GoReport Software.Go Report go Live showing their Industry Revolutionising Software.

GoReport is a mobile software specifically designed with building surveyors to capture, record and report data faster and easier than before. Using only an iPad, a surveyor is able to efficiently capture all the necessary data using a combination of standard or custom phrases. Voice to text and pre-populated industry standard phrase pick lists allow quick and specific detailed notes to be drawn up. Phrases can further be stored in a custom phrase library. Allowing for a completely unique and customized approach for each company or user. Photographs are auto tagged and referenced to appear in the relevant section. This removes the need to record photo numbers manually. Wireless Bluetooth links with Leica DISTO enabling the ability to record measurements for automatic insertion into the report. All of this is displayed in an industry standard RICS approved format. Constantly innovating GoReport has its finger on the pulse of the sector. Ensuring that clients have the most efficient tools for the job.

We wanted the site design to reflect the clarity and simplicity with which the GoReport software offers its user. Clear and concise with a welcoming design. Easily navigable sections. Detailed walk through of features, how to operate and a live chat bar. It is a site designed to be as informative and user friendly as the software it represents. Chairman David Bell clearly states the reasons for re-branding and the abilities of GoReport for businesses in this informational video we shot.



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Jonny Agnew

Jonny is an Account Executive, brand planner, content creator and insight researcher.

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