Google + Celebrities = Success?

It is no secret that celebrities use social media to connect with their fans and promote their products. However, the benefits go both ways as social media sites profit from the celebrity participation as it drives people to their sites so they can interact with their favourite stars in a direct way.

Google+ which can now boast 18 million users will soon be offering account verification for their celebrity clientele. Google are working on a “celebrity acquisition plan” to increase the amount of celebrities using Google+ to ultimately help increase awareness of their site.

This is a great way to draw users to Google+ and they could easily benefit from the same celebrity approval that has made the likes of Twitter so successful. Even when Oprah Winfrey first tweeted live from her show the traffic to the site rose by 46 per cent. “Mother Monster” Lady Gaga has the influence of over 11 million followers on Twitter. Similar to many celebrities, Gaga has projected herself into the public domain frequently re-tweeting fans and posting up pictures. The huge amount of “little monsters” following the quirky pop star means she may well be first on Google’s hit list.

Check out Lady Gaga thanking her Twitter “monsters” below:


Jaime Steele

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