Get a life

Just before Christmas we posted a blog about it being our number one aim this year to correct our mad work-life balance and spend more time with family and friends. Guess what? It’s now worse than ever. We are working round the clock. Don’t get me wrong, we love our work and we feel both lucky and blessed that we have so much when others are struggling. But we have to get a grip and get a life. I found this brilliant TED talk by Nigel Marsh on YouTube a few weeks ago. He’s my new hero. From now on, I’m living by his rules.


Jaime Steele

Jaime specialises in brand strategy, creative concepts, naming strategies, digital media marketing and technical project management. He has a strong background in delivering and managing social media and digital marketing campaigns for both small start-ups and blue chip companies.

He has also worked with many top professional athletes, advising on personal branding, sponsorship and social media.