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Recently I saw a quote at new local eatery Town square that simply said – “Now is a good time”, it got me thinking.

I recently started here at Pale Blue Dot and have been getting used to many ‘new’ things. A new office which means a new journey to work (will I drive and if I drive where is best to park, perhaps I will get the bus or maybe the train), a new laptop, new systems and protocols and that all important question where in town does the best burrito?

One of the other ‘new’ things in my life is an analytical SEO tool called Moz Pro. I am sure many of you are aware of Moz and the potential it has for the avid SEO users amongst us. Helping to monitor and run campaigns for our clients. For those who maybe have not heard of the wonder that is Moz, it is an SEO tool that helps to analyse how a web domain is tracking and performing online and allows you to configure data sets, compile detailed reports in order to optimise and enhance the reach and authority of your domain. A fanatical researcher I have become absolutely fascinated with the software and its many data collection tools and endless variations for combining data to form an HD quality picture of the brand, and observe clearly how our content is tracking.

In a world where it is entirely possible and feasible that you might hear the words ‘selfie’ and ‘quantum mechanics’ uttered in the same sentence, it is now imperative as a brand to have an understanding of the available social tools. Monitoring your online performance in order to continually curate the best content and leverage your brand to the top of that Google search.

So now really is a good time, in fact it is the best time to begin to create content. So here are a few quick tips to creating some excellent content. Be relevant, the content needs to engage and interact with its readers offering a point of difference from the competition. Understand your audience, having an awareness of your target audience and the key influencers in your industry is key to angling your content and enhancing its chance of being picked up and talked about. Thirdly timing, it is important to launch your content at the right moment. Whether you are posting at 8.30 am or 6.00 pm the correct timing can be the difference between a post obtaining an initial reach of a few thousand and it going viral.

These are just a snapshot of three elements that Moz Pro allows you to analyse and see in greater depth and in real time. An incredibly handy asset to have on tap as we create ‘thought experts’.

To quickly recap:

1. Be relevant

2. Understand your audience

3. Timing




Jonny Agnew

Jonny is an Account Executive, brand planner, content creator and insight researcher.

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