Content Curation Tips

Yet another buzzword at the moment “content curation” has become very popular amongst internet marketers for one main reason. Google -juice.

Unlike content marketing, which we will also discuss this week, content curation is simply amassing content from a variety of sources, and delivering it in an organised fashion.

A site that links multiple pieces of content about a specific subject increases its exposure when that topic is searched hence the SEO benefits. You can read more about it in this article Winning the SEO Battle Through Content Curation.

As humans we have been curating content since the dawn of time, through art, literature and science. Every time you share a story on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Digg etc. you are curating content.

As Rohit Barghava wrote in the Content Curation Manifesto, “Content Curators will bring more utility and order to the social web. In doing so, they will help to add a voice and point of view to organizations and companies that can connect them with customers – creating an entirely new dialogue based on valued content rather than just brand created marketing messages.”

Here are some good guidelines I’ve picked up on how to do it effectivley if you want to drive traffic:

1. Find your information and stories on multiple platfroms. Don’t just rely on one news source. Set up Google Reader to organise your RSS feeds and regularly keep on eye on other content curation sites such as Three good tools for this phase are – Zite, Flipboard and Strawberry Jam

2. Share your curated content on multiple platforms – Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, your own blog, YouTube, Linkedin etc. You get the idea.

3. Give back. Don’t just share content but comment on content and have an opinion.

4. Don’t overshare. For example on Twitter if all you do is post links to articles and you post a lot people will remove you from their streams.

5. Make a schedule so you aren’t being erratic in your postings.


Jaime Steele

Jaime specialises in brand strategy, creative concepts, naming strategies, digital media marketing and technical project management. He has a strong background in delivering and managing social media and digital marketing campaigns for both small start-ups and blue chip companies.

He has also worked with many top professional athletes, advising on personal branding, sponsorship and social media.