Christmas Time, Turkey and Teamwork.

A few days have past now since the Pale Blue Dot team headed out into the fairy light strung alleys of Belfast for the annual office Christmas party.

Traditionally the Christmas party can often be the case for many a story. We were not to be disappointed. Arriving at the Mourne Seafood Bar we shook off sodden rain coats and headed upstairs to the Belfast Cookery School. That night we were taking on another project. Cooking our own dinner.

Splitting into teams we got to practice a bit of split second decision making. Who to work with? Partners in tow, we watched the resident chef talk us through the courses. At this stage of the evening, you could begin to see the tendencies we all show in work. The planners, carefully watching every knife stroke, noting timings, convection fan settings. Creatives sketching plating variations. Project managers encouraging and helping to organise us effectively. Personally I love to see how everybody else operates and goes about the same task. Everyone has a unique way of working, both individually and together. One person could not have achieved everything. We needed each other to accomplish the task and not remain hungry.

Teamwork and communication. It’s vital. They are two of the most important tools you will ever use in business. They are the swords that you will live or die by.

An agency is at its best and most creative when everyone is pooling together. Teamwork creates systems and structures, testing ideas for creative strength. Increases your response times, it makes you agile. Communication is the most important link in building a great team. If you have the greatest talent, but everyone is focused on doing their own thing you will miss the fine detail. Talking it’s fundamental. Breakdowns in communication can create havoc. Which is why we love to think as a team, developing the greatest strategies and putting these into place. Testing the rigour of ideas, pushing each other by bringing individual specialities to the table. To create a service that is fluid and delivers. Dave Trott in his book ‘Creative Mischief’ says it is, “Far more clever to out-think someone rather than just out-spend them.” The time you spend together as a team on a project will be effective in managing your budget. Having everybody on board with the thinking from the beginning. Then keeping communication throughout will lead to gleaming the best insights into your project.

We got to see that in practice. Advising on technique, sharing tips. Dividing workloads and prioritising tasks and at the end of it we all sat down to enjoy a really tasty Christmas dinner. It was communication between teams that developed the teamwork, that led to the successful completion of 10 three courses.


Jonny Agnew

Jonny is an Account Executive, brand planner, content creator and insight researcher.

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