Choosing Opportunity

Following this recent weekend I have been thinking about choosing opportunity. Above is a picture I took at the North Coast of Ireland. A beautiful part of the world in my books and quite probably in a lot of peoples books too. There are many things the North Coast is famous for; the Giants Causeway, Bushmills distillery and the North West 200 to name a few. A beacon for tourism, it has also been visited by many interesting and diverse groups, the Giro d’Italia, foreign dignities and the Dothraki horde. The most recent visitor to our coasts was a loud fellow by the name of Desmond.

Now whilst most of us were doing our best to avoid the rather loud and wild Desmond indoors and beside fires. There were some who in fact decided that really they should go and meet this chap Desmond and see what he was all about. Mashable recently shared these photos of the North Coast’s own Alastair Mennie, Pro-Surfer and author of best-selling ‘Surfing Mennie waves’. No stranger to storms Alastair has cemented himself as one of the greatest big wave surfers. Setting out to tackle these swells this weekend, he changed what for many was a ‘write-off’ day, into an opportunity.

Opportunities come and go so quickly, much like Storm Desmond. I think Alastair’s example is something we can all bring a takeaway from. Choosing to see a situation with fresh eyes, looking at it in a different light and then doing something about it with planning and precision. Once we are operating in that mindset our understanding of the landscape changes. We become more tuned in and aware of an opportunity. Allowing us to be primed and poised to take full advantage of every opportunity that comes our way.

What opportunity are you going to tackle?


Jonny Agnew

Jonny is an Account Executive, brand planner, content creator and insight researcher.

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