Prince and the Multimedia Revolution

On Thursday 21st April 2016 the world learned of the passing of Prince Rogers Nelson, musician, songwriter, vocalist, actor and producer.

Serving Export Markets through Video Content

 2016 has been heralded as the year of ‘video’ but recently most years are heralded as the year of ‘video’.

B is for Brand

Hiut Denim is a brand that I really admire.

A Giant Leap for Cyril Johnston

We recently designed and built a corporate website for one of NI's longest-established companies, Cyril Johnston.

Barry P A Carroll Appointed To Board

Barry P A Carroll has been appointed as a Non-Executive Director to the board at Pale Blue Dot.

Our must-see TED Talks for marketing

To follow on from Mike's piece on curiosity yesterday I thought it would be a nice Friday treat to share our favourite TED talks videos with you.

Content Curation Tips

Yet another buzzword at the moment "content curation" has become very popular amongst internet marketers for one main reason.

Alliance Party – Delivering Change

Last year, as part of our rebrand of the Alliance Party, we delved into their history to discover that they had been 'Leading Change' since their formation in 1970.

10 Tips for Successful Email Marketing

Email marketing, despite what some people say is as strong as ever.

What is social media strategy?

Defining a social media strategy for a client or for yourself is sometimes quite a tricky thing to do.